July 2013 - Richard 'Jerry' Haworth: The proof that aliens exist is the fact that they have never tried to contact us!

ARGNMDJDIU   MMM3484838d   jdfjjfjf84ujjj JGJKUjksdfdfk lalksdfkld. Google translated from here on.

(Letter to Our Supreme Alien Commander)

Greetings O Esteemed One,

With reference to our mission to gather intelligence on human activity we humbly submit our first report.

Much of human activity is harvesting value for future use. However most never live to see the original value they created so this activity is curious to say the least. Once value is harvested, they seek a repository for this value. This is problematic for them as most of what they require in the future is firstly unknown and even if quantifiable, it is perishable i.e. food, medical supplies etc. Therefore, unlike planet Zirk, they have to rely on “proxies” to preserve this created value. The proxies they favour are those things that are easily identifiable, exchangeable and durable. But this is where it gets even more curious.

Even though a large sub-set of these humans make it their mission to relieve others of their value (they call these humans “bankers”), most humans rely on proxies which, in large part, rely on these same humans to perform honestly at some point in the future. Something they are not terribly good at!  

Examples of these kinds of proxies are bonds (humans must repay interest and capital in the future) and equities (humans must perform some valuable service in the future). There are other proxies available such as precious metals which don’t require this future undertaking but humans tend to shun them! Now this is where you must be sitting down! All these proxies I have described use another proxy to find equivalency or relative pricing to discover value and to facilitate exchange and they call this proxy money. So all assets are a proxy which is denominated in another proxy called “money”. JHDJDJDJfjfjjdjdmngng  Gremdmdftjgjg. Truth is stranger than fiction!

Humans exchange this proxy money not only in present time but in forward time as well. They call this credit. Curiously credit is also reliant on humans performing with integrity at a future time.

(Now you MUST have your tentacles on the floor). Some clever humans leave their wealth in this “money” proxy in order to preserve liquidity or the ability to exchange quickly. That would be OK if there was a fixed amount to this “money” proxy around and the “exchange rate” was stable but there is another human who, for reasons we cannot establish, has been given the sole right to create more money proxy!

And he does. In bucket loads! And he gives it to his friends! He justifies this to the other humans by stating that there is too much future money which is danger of not being repaid (something I think we knew all along but strangely they ignore this reality). The other humans love him for this! So the original proxies for value, financial assets, go up as measured by the second proxy, money, even though they are going DOWN when measured against the very thing humans first endeavoured to preserve, value of real assets in the future. Thus one crop of humans get to the “autumn” of their life to find their unit of value has diminished to a great extent. Nobody seems to notice or mind. 

This “spin” cycle is repeated ad infinitum as the relevance of time and therefore history is ignored. Very curious indeed.


My advice is to ignore this planet and look elsewhere. Surely this must be some sort of thought virus? Such irrationality is unnerving, even to superior life forms like ourselves.