Q&A: A Black Swan Waits For The Storm

Interview with Richard 'Jerry' Haworth in FINalternatives

One of 36 South Capital Advisors’ left tail funds, a single- client tail-risk vehicle named for the world’s most famous black diamond, gained [substantially] in 2011—and then closed. But despite announcing plans to launch a new "black swan" fund more than a year ago, the London-based firm, which moved to the U.K. from New Zealand in 2009, is still waiting for the right time to start.

That time is nigh, principal and chief investment officer Jerry Haworth tells FINalternatives Senior Report Mary Campbell. The US$500 million, 11-strong firm is planning to launch [a new left tail fund] within the coming months. This Q&A covers 36 South's investment strategies, views on the economic climate and market outlook. Click here to read the full interview.